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  • OK, Who switched the harmful lead solder to the CBD oil solder!

  • Birthday has passed. Still OK< As long as we get the good stuff I will wait another two weeks.

    Just pack my box differently from "tankapotamus" please. LOL

  • Any updates for delivery? My birthday is just three days away.

  • Loved it! Third time in three years and this time I was lucky. 10 minutes didn't seem long enough? Just curious if you had 2000 orders would you have enough parts to go around? Since there were only 473 orders and small table of parts(photo above), will you be optimizing the build of the boxes. Meaning, a decent look at a part can tell if it just needs thrown away i.e. surface mounted board that has cut through most circuits. If you send out by end of month I may just get it on my birthday in early October. :)

  • I got mine. Good luck for the rest. Yes, go ahead and BACKORDER it.

  • I am having an issue with this hookup guide. Seems nice but issue 1 is a missing "sam.h" file. Something in the background has changed since you added this hookup guide. I even found the missing file and created a reference to it but additional errors stating additional missing files have occurred. Can you confirm what arduino IDE, version of boards that do work with this wireless joystick? I think if you were to try this guide again, you will see that it doesn't work as described. I am fairly confident that I have covered my bases but hey, I'm human too. So, can we get some help? Thank you,

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