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  • Deathpod3000 has a blog documenting the build including the components I used and some of the interfacing code. Now that the race is over I plan to keep posting and give more details about interfacing and the software. I wanted to keep a few secrets for race day. ;-)
    I have lots of pics of the various vehicles and a couple of videos of our runs from the competition there as well.

  • I am the builder of deathpod3000, the fastest ground vehicle. The car has gps, digital compass and infrared distance sensors. It does not have encoders. The bot follows lat/long waypoints set into the eeprom on the microprocessor from the gps. It uses gps and compass to navigate the waypoints when in gogogo mode. It uses the ir sensors to steer around obstacles while it is navigating the waypoints. This is what allowed it to complete the course. gps alone isn’t accurate enough. It only follows the curb to avoid hitting it and it continues navigating as soon as it doesn’t sense the curb or it gets close enough to the waypoint.
    It also has logic to figure out that because of waypoint “movement” due to gps error, it can’t reach a waypoint and it needs to skip to the next waypoint. This kicked in during the first run where it went too far right and starting following the curb in the wrong direction. After about 4 feet, it turned around and continued down the course.
    I have put up many pics and a couple videos from the event on my build blog.

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