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carbon based biology

(expect more flippant answers like the one above - the need that some people have to chronicle their lives to complete strangers over the Internet is simply bizarre - get a real life and delete all those TwitSpaceFace accounts, ok? Unless, of course, you just like your potential employer being able to get answers to all those questions which it would be illegal for them to put on an employment application.)


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  • News - December Caption Contest | about a year ago

    And then the big elf said they should connect the fire-tree oracle owls to the Internet so that everyone could benefit from their wisdom…

  • News - SparkFun National Tour Ki… | about a year ago

    “(We’d probably need some pretty serious extension cords for the ensuing chase scene.)”

    I recommend the Andis Super AGR+ Vet Pak. Two rechargeable battery packs, and a 4x4 blade drive for more torque. A T-84 Ultraedge blade seems about right for the first pass, followed by a #40SS for that baby’s butt smooth finish. Note: Paste flux is not an appropriate after shave.

  • News - November Caption Contest | about a year ago

    We get so lonely in the shipping department. So very, very, lonely…

  • Product DEV-11061 | about 2 years ago

    That is not really correct. The Mouser price is closer to $40 than it is to $30. AFAIK, Mouser does not do a lot of development, support, or tutorials for this - they are primarily targeting the professional/commercial market, while Sparkfun is primarily targeting the hobbyist market. If you want to bargain basement shop, why not go all out and order some crappy Chinese knock off that does nothing to support the community? But if you are a hobbyist I would suggest you support companies like Sparkfun, Adafruit, EMS, Jameco, etc.,. Some of us who are doing commercial things and making a lot of purchases from the commercial suppliers still buy some stuff from folks like Sparkfun - it is pretty handy to be able to prototype an idea using a BOB. Besides, I like the idea of supporting these businesses.

    Bottom line - if you want to have the goodies made available by a business catering to you, don’t be such a bloody cheapskate, and don’t abuse their open comment policies by undercutting them on their own site. Of course, if you are manufacturing a commercial product and buying chips in quantity, then price sensitivity is a different story.

    P.S. Sparkfun is actually a little cheaper than “The Lady” on this one.

  • Product WRL-11395 | about 2 years ago


    As I understand your product, it would be a good reason not to buy any consumer product which included it. You need to get your servers and the general “cloudiness” out of the equation.

    As an example, there are a number of personal healthcare products out there (scales, blood pressure meters, exercise devices, and so on) whose makers seem to think that uploading your personal data to their web site is somehow a good thing. Those are products I will never own, even though some of them have features I want.

    Give me technology that lets ME manage my information - not share it with you and who knows who else. And which also lets me decide if I want to upgrade it to the latest code or not.

    Who needs something that posts the equivalent of a notification on dFacebook every time I look in the refrigerator? Or which can have its functionality altered without my consent because someone uploaded new code to your server? Remember when Amazon disappeared books from the Kindle? So with your “impish” little non-SD card, suddenly GE decides my washer shouldn’t have a feature anymore unless I send them money for the deluxe new enhanced feature set? Perhaps they will choose to expire the warranty if I wash more than four loads in a day? Perhaps the EPA and the Census would like my wash data as well.

    Don’t tell me that the connected cloud features of this product will not be abused by companies which implement it - look at the rampant information stealing by cell phone apps. If the technology opens a door for companies to misuse something, some of them will walk through that door. They always do.

    Yeah, this product is a WONDERFUL concept.

    Personally, as long as it maintains its cloudy focus, I hope this product augers in ASAP. Sorry, but we have to draw the line on “over sharing” somewhere.

  • Product WRL-11395 | about 2 years ago

    Yes, the “cloud” aspect of this product is a turn-off to me too. I don’t want my data there, and I most certainly don’t want my development tools there. I do just fine getting data where it needs to go without putting it in the hands of strangers. And having to develop in some miserable browser environment is about as appealing as a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

    “Make a system that even a fool can use, and only a fool will use it.”

  • Product BOB-11189 | about 2 years ago

    Alright, I’ll try it, but if it doesn’t work you’re going to have to come to my house and fix it! (Thanks for a great suggestion!)

  • Product PRT-09759 | about 2 years ago

    On your planet it is pi pounds. Here on Jupiter it is a lot heavier.

  • Product WRL-09411 | about 2 years ago

    And how you do you propose to explain the widespread use of yagis and other directional high gain antennas to improve reception (often from omni-directional sources) in a receive only environment? Everyone else has it wrong?

    I should also mention that these are packet radios with acknowledgements and such going back and forth, so the “one transmits, and another receives” model isn’t very viable. I suppose you could Rube Goldberg two antennas on one radio with appropriate sense switching or some such, but it would be a hot mess.

    BTW - the whole concept being discussed here is made moot by the incorrect premise that you cannot legally use a yagi antenna on these radios at the 1 watt setting - anything up to 8.1db is permissible at full power, or 15.1db at reduced power (according to Digi - see pages 67-70 of the manual).

  • Product WRL-09411 | about 2 years ago

    If you haven’t already, you might consider trying an axial mode helical antenna on your ground station. Here is a link:

    If you try it and it doesn’t help, you can always put it on the front lawn as an “art object” - the neighbors will love you for it.

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