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  • Okay, I can confirm TWI works :) In the end, after mucking around and digging through source code and pulling and plugging in wires, I had inadvertently switched up SCL and SDA. (Rookie mistake... this is what happens when you switch careers from embedded systems to cloud software).

    Setting the pin drive mode to H0D1 (or S0D1) and disabling the internal pullups was the solution for my particular case.

  • Can anyone confirm that TWI/I2C works? PIN 21 is hardwired to the RESET button.

    I changed the SDA and SCL pins in the board variant, but I still can't communicate with an I2C sensor. I've also tried disabling the pullups on SDA/SCL and set the pin drive modes to either S0D1 (Standard '0'. disconnect '1' ) or H0D1 (High drive '0', disconnect '1'), since I have external pullups on my SDA and SCL lines, but my sensor still won't talk back.

    Just got back into the embedded/hardware world so I am without an oscilloscope and can't debug this properly, unfortunately.

    For reference, the device I'm trying to communicate with is a SI7021 temp/humidity sensor with 10K pullups. Sensor communicates properly with an Arduino Mega 2560.

    On a side note, the nrfutil executible loaded onto my machine was an ARM EABI5 binary; I'm running x86_64 linux. I ended up just installing nrfutil manually.

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