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  • I really hope that you've given your ISP warning about this event. (I am sure they appreciate that you are waiting until after the holiday rush to do this.)
    Without knowing the network architecture...i suspect that the bottleneck will be with the load-balancer. (OH, how i hope it is a high end F5 or Citrix with licensing for a LOT of connections)

  • Earlier someone mentioned Stark Industries, which phonically sounds very similar to Sparc.
    According to my good friend Mr. Google, Stark Industries was first mentioned in Tales of Suspense Vol 1 #40 (circa 1963) which predates Sun's use of the term by more than 2 and a half decades.
    So according to their "we had it first and people are too stupid to tell companies apart" logic...the Sparc trademark should be revoked because it can cause confusion for comic book readers.
    Personally, i have a problem with ANY company taking a word/letter from the English language and saying... this is ours, you can't use it for your product Windows, Spark, Monster, etc...

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