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  • I love the fact the FTDI has just announced to the world that their chips can easily be modified and have their firmware changed. If malicious hackers didn't know about it before they do now.

    How long until there is malware or ransomware that wipes all ftdi like chips?

  • What? You couldn't find an old printer? What the heck does "PC Load Letter" mean anyway?

  • If your older monitor has the correct type of DVI input you can use a HDMI to DVI cable.

  • Does the catch system catch all of the coolant? I want to do this, but it looks like it would splash all over the floor.

  • The documentation seems a bit light. You program the device to be one of a set of predefined HID device types...
    0000 = Keyboard
    0001 = Game Pad
    0010 = Mouse
    0011 = COMBO
    0100 = JOYSTICK
    0101 = DIGITIZER
    0110 = SENSOR
    0111 = USE CFG
    1XXX = reserved
    The document displays the report format for Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick, as well as an additional Consumer report. The rest of the document describes an example of creating a keyboard.
    Eg The report for Joystick mode...
    0xFD | 6 | Not used | Buttons | X1 | Y1 | X2 | Y2
    No documentation on the other device types. Is "USE CFG" a custom user device and report descriptor? I'm guessing the device using the RN-42-HID talks to it via the serial port.

  • Or free adhesive bandages if you really are that dangerous ;)

  • Thanks for clearing up the non-quadratureness.
    Any plans on getting the quadrature model? With Z? And higher count?
    You could get these pretty cheap from another source (in kit form) but their price has more than double. Don't ask their price for a sealed unit.

  • Thanks. I disassembled it myself. R1 seems to be the key - it's the current limit resistor into two LEDs. 150 ohms limits the current to 20mA at 5v.

  • Is a schematic available for the encoders? I'd like to try and make it work with 3.3v.

  • Any plans for a Bluetooth version?

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