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  • Hey BTW - If they do manage some sort of clamp that limits your use of the SPARK expression, I have a domain for sale BIGCRAZY.NET - that pretty much sums it up!
    Cheers - and good luck

  • Those guys need to get out of their cubicles more often.
    My local electrician was a 'sparky' for years before SPARC existed, and has possibly owned a computer of ome sort in his lifetime.
    My kids play with 'sparklers' - but perhaps the wire used in the core is protected by SPARC's IP.
    Hell if I play with AC and DC circuits I can make my own 'sparks' at home - in different colors !
    OOps - I've been off track - all my sparks are spelled wrongly and have nothing to do with SPARC. My mistake.

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