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  • The C&D-letter might seem rediculous and is quite idiotic.
    *As pointed out in the SparkFun-comment other trademark holders are allowed to protest during the trademark registering process. It is their _right_
    *SPARC International is a IP-license in the field of microprocessors and computer-architecture. If you open sparckfun.com and click components, are there not 5 microcontroller-categorys there. Are these not microprocessors as well?
    *Many comments mention Sun Microsystems, one even contains the contact information for certian people employed by Sun Microsystems. SPARC International is not Sun Microsystems, SM is a member of SPARC International.
    I in no way condone any lawsuit filed against sparkfun by Sparc International, it would just be a dumb move. But SI must be allowed to exercise the rights they have under current Trademark-law without being harrased by an angry internet-mob.
    (The sparkfun post reads SPARC Industries - Should say Sparc International)

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