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  • Sigh---slow Sparkfun servers got me! I wasn't able to get the 1.5 pound, only the half pound. Is this where I whine for three days about how unfair slow servers are? :p

  • "I'm a little Sparkpot, short and stout; here is my handle, here is my spout..." :p

  • I can't top This One :)

  • "Now, class, if you will remove the 30 Terawatt free electron laser from your World Domination Inventors Kit, we can begin..."

  • Robert, please e-mail me at my profile account e-mail. I'd like to try and hook you up with a very saavy nuclear/electronics engineer I know who has been to that site, knows people, etc. Hopefully, he can answer specific questions, and give you reccomendations as far as procedures, places to check out (where allowed), contacts, etc. This is just an offer to try and put you in contact with a friend who can help you get the most from the experience. Take care.

  • People stopped daring to call Dave "Monkeyboy" once he showed them the size of his banana....

  • Maybe off topic, but given how you can find surplus LED's cheap, here's a fun little game I used to play with other geek friends. Take two LEDs, and a slot car race set--remove the cars. Now, put one LED in the slot for one car, a second in the slot for the second car--make sure that the polarity in the tracks is such that the LED' are forward biased. Now, using the slot car controllers, the goal is to see who cam make their LED light the brightest the longest before it burns out or explodes. :) It can be suprisingly tricky to accomplish. Safety glasses and fire extiguisher reccomended :D

  • Safety note: Combining the igniter and the pads would be a very BAD idea :p Just sayin'... I may have to order one of these and measure the high voltage output, verify its switchng frequency, add in a voltage multiplier...make a beam on target neutron gun to activate a sub-critical pile...Hey, kids, let's make a desktop nuclear reactor! That shold DEFINATELY win the science fair...or else...:p

  • No, you are supposed to use fling cows...read the script! :d

  • Hmm--only one comment so far. I bet if the bunny's tummy had exploded when the carrot was brought near it's mouth, you would have garnered a LOT more interest... :D

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