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  • meganbyte: … this will only hurt Sun in the end.
    I think so too.

  • This is just plain stupid - no one with a working brain can be confused here.
    This claim will be the front-runner for the “worst PR-idea of the year”-contest, the internet has a good memory and I guess a lot of geeks, nerds, hobbyists and other electronic-interested people won’t forget that soon what SI/Sun are doing here.
    Its a real shame that Sun needs to earn its money with sueing a smaller business.
    Until today I never heard about SI … and btw your stuff is much cooler than their stuff.
    Spread the word and fight for your name!
    Good luck, have a nice weekend and greetings from germany.
    p.s.: An old german joke: What are 1000 lawyers on the sea bottom?
    answer: A good start. ;)

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