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  • I have not used this particular board but I use the CY8CKIT-059 board frequently as well as Xilinx FPGAs. What I can tell you is that if this board is supported by PSOC Creator then it would be a fantastic option to learn about the world of SOCs. Although the Cypress PSOC does support a variant of Verilog, it is better suited using the block design features in PSOC creator to create synthesized logic. If you still need more custom logic than the immense library provided by Cypress than you can create your own state machines and add them to the block design. Then you can run C code on the ARM Cortex-M3 core for your processing needs. Additionally (as if that wasn't amazing enough), Cypress PSOC devices have configurable analog components as well. That means you can have a single design that has digital logic, op-amps..etc, and a processor (trust me I am greatly over-simplifying the abilities of the PSOC here) all without ever turning on a soldering iron. I spent the last 5 years professionally developing atmospheric instrumentation using the Cypress PSOC 5LP and it was an absolute pleasure. Now I work on high end Xilinx FPGA/SOCs and miss my Cypress PSOC days. Take the time and learn Cypress PSOC 5LP and PSOC Creator, do not get sucked into the comfort zone of the Arduino IDE.

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