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  • I feel so bad for Sparkfun. Yes, this was a mess, but do you like it when a site gives away $100,000 or not? How so many people can be bitter about generosity, regardless of how it was handled, is beyond me.
    Okay, sure, Sparkfun should have realized the servers couldn't handle this. Their initial bets of 2-3 hours are laughably naive. But the things is, if they were supposed to anticipate it, why couldn't you? Why wasn't it obvious to you, the user, that the servers would crash and burn and you'd have very little chance of getting through? Even after the upgrade announcement you could easily see the site straining a good day before the start.
    So yeah, time consuming gamble with no penalty for walking out. I'm not sure what you can complain about other than never being taught not to count your chickens before they're hatched. It could have been better, but this isn't worse than the offer never being made.

  • Yes, such a scam. It's almost like as time passed and more people either succeeded or gave up the server was under less strain, and thus more users could connect and make their own orders. How insidious of them to so reasonably fake the numbers.

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