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  • “Tin Woodsman: [singing] I’d be gentle as a lizard…”-from the Wizard of Oz

    Tin Woodsman: I’ll see you reach the Wizard, whether I get a heart or not. Beehive, bah! Let her try and make a beehive out of me!

  • I’m not going to pay a lot for that muffler!

  • Lucky wanted to play a game of dogs and ladders.

  • Why did Lucky take the ladder to Sparkfun? Because he thought the Beaglebone was on the house!

  • They’re charging over $100 a class and asking for sponsors? And now they are covering it up because you have to login to register and see the prices?

  • Aaron was 26. If he got out of jail after serving 35 years, he would have been 61 years old plus a year or two that it took for the case to come to trial. If the average life span is 78.2 years, Aaron would have had 17.2 years left if he survived being in prison.

    Did Aaron have to be depressed to kill himself?

    “Research shows those who are bullied have a higher probability of considering or performing suicide than those who are not.[5]”

    There were people who were cyber bullied like Megan Meier who saw a psychiatrist since she was in the third grade:

    There was the suicide of Tyler Clementi who comitted suicide after being videotaped having sex with another man:

    I looked through the web at people who were bullied and a lot of them killed themselves:

    You can all conduct your own research but to blame Aaron for being depressed isn’t research because there is ample evidence that bullied people harm themselves and the prosecutors in this case should go to jail for bullying for using cruel and unusual punishment with prison terms that don’t fit the crime. I guess you can say the prosecutors did their job here.

  • I disagree with the article on IP obesity. After taking 17 rolls of film to Hawaii for my honeymoon, I invested in a digital camera to save money and I don’t remember Kodak being a major player in digital cameras. The reason Kodak was a disadvantage was because they are an American company that failed to innovate and think outside of the box. Their history was invested in old fashioned photography.

    I believe people should be payed for their work. Should music on the radio be open source? Would artists get paid if everyone copied their work and sent it around the internet for free? Would there be more music or less music? If an artist can’t eat, they will have to get another job meaning less music.

    There was a Commodore user who invented a fast loader. Because he was a kid, he shared it and it was copied around. He didn’t make any money on it because he didn’t have money to patent it. Large companies took his idea and made money on it and had an advantage of the market.

    My friend left for Los Angeles to become involved in the music industry as a singer and an artist. One of the reason he left sales was because people would teach him to do the selling and not pay him any money. His example was “Why should I do all this work for someone else to make all the money?”

    Why should I get involved with hardware companies if they don’t want to pay and if they only want my design for free? What is in it for me? The answer is nothing. They want to corner me and work me so they can get something out of me and give me nothing in return.

    Considering that Oscilloscopes are expensive and equipment is expensive, paying the designer more so they could innovate and have time to learn would increase the number of good products and not the other way around.

  • I promise not to participate next year in any Sparkfun contest because it isn’t worth it and I end up feeling used each year for the last three years I didn’t win.

  • What a waste of time, Sparkfun. I spent half an hour typing in codes. Find another fool.

  • Did he ever explain why capacitors pass AC current but not DC current?
    If this was a classroom, he would have been interrupted about a dozen times or more for students to ask questions. There are a lot of questions that could have been asked and answered.

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