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  • Yep, you can definitely hook one node to your laptop with an xbee explorer and just have a xbee form-factor breakout board powering up a remote node and you will be able to talk to it and re-program it over-the-air no problem. Synapse modules are natively setup up to mesh network and a simple ping from the Portal software will find all the 2.4GHz Synapse modules in your area, assuming you have a fresh node at your laptop.

  • Solarbotics carries such a product, I wonder if Sparkfun would consider carrying it?

  • Was something like this what you were thinking of? :)

  • Just wanted to post about a few issues I ran into to help anyone else out there in the same boat.
    After downloading the Sdfat library I forgot to switch the uint8_t const SS_PIN to 9 in the Sd2PinMap.h file and ended up getting random audio cutout because of it. The tracks would only play briefly then drop out.
    After solving that issue I then placed the sample tracks (track001.mp3 and track002.mp3) on my microSD and they played great under the provided MP3_Player_Example.pde code. But whenever I loaded up my own .mp3s I would get a audio spike about every second. It sounded like an CD skipping (not buffering properly). Using Audacity I found that my .mp3s had 44100Hz, 32-bit, Stereo encoding and the sample tracks had 22050Hz, 32-bit, Mono. I messed around a bit and found that I could get the best quality sound by using 44100Hz, 24-bit, Stereo encoding. All I did was open my .mp3 clicked the track drop down -> selected Set Sample format -> 24-bit, waited a few seconds for it to finish and then exported (with LAME MP3 exporter installed).
    Now the shield works wickedly, thanks for another great breakout Sparkfun!

  • Yeah, wicked project I agree!
    Hey while I'm here I was wondering if anything came of the cease and desist letter from SPARC International?

  • I'm definitely behind you guys as well. It's a weird coincidence that I was just reading about a case of cease and desist story this morning that seemed to be be easily resolved with a lawsuit for a declaratory judgement.
    Check it out:
    While the story isn't really close in circumstances it does have the "big versus small" feel to it.

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