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  • The OLED block makes things so much easier. From simply being able to see what IP address the Edison has to developing simple games, the cool blue glow of the OLED is the window into the Edison.

    Recently have been interested in learning more about operating systems/linux. Being able to carry a small x86 platform with me would be awesome!

  • Sparkfun, engineering for the masses.

  • I just found out theres no real reason to use more than 4 threads on this guy. Each thread runs at 100Mips until you reach 400Mips after which each thread will slow down to give you a total of 400Mips. So when all 8 threads are active you will have 50Mips*8 = 400Mips... Basically your performance maxes out at 4 threads.

  • Turns out I needed to plug in the usb lol. xtag doesnt supply power to board I guess

  • I have the same problem