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James Bowman

Member Since: October 25, 2009

Country: United States

  • Because the Mega2560 puts the SPI pins on pins 50-52 instead of 11-13, you need to add some jumpers to get them back in the 'correct' places for Arduino shields. Jumper wires work fine: pins 11 -> 51, 12 -> 50, and 13 -> 52. Eventually I soldered three wires on the bottom of the Mega, to make things more permanent.

  • All the Gameduino samples fit on the regular Arduino Uno. With Gameduino the limit is often fitting graphics in Arduino flash. The Uno's 32K is OK for a simple game (e.g. Asteroids fits in 27K). While the Mega does have more flash (256K) I have found it a little harder to use than the Uno. What's looking very sweet right now for people who want more storage is the Maple, with 128K of flash. Works great! http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10664

  • OK, we just assembled 200 of these for Gameduino, so here are some tips on assembly.
    * do the headers first - they are tricky to get straight. It helps to have another shield that you can put the headers on, then push the joystick board onto the header pins.
    * the joystick itself has 13 pins, and they are often bent. Get it roughly in place on the board, then use fine-tip tweezers to get the small pins lined up with their holes before gently pushing it down.

  • Driver circuit

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