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  • I live in the southeast, the deep south east, and there are few stores for electronic components. I was amazed to see my local Radio Shacks carrying Make Kits and Arduinos. I would love to see SparkFun retail kits there, but I understand why I don't.

    There is a place in Orlando, FL that's awesome. Skycraft Parts & Surplus ( I stop in when I can, but that is not too often. Also, being a novice who is learning from the beginning, the place is a little daunting. You can spend hours in the place wasting time.

  • I thought employes and those that working in the same building or on the same ISP were exempt from this contest, I mean free giveaway.

  • May your wait in any line this week result in a denial of service!
    Thanks anyway Sparkfun. I am glad someone got something from Free Day! Sadly, all I got was broken server messages!

  • Hang in there SparkFun! While the next few months will not be so "fun" with the SPARC people and their legal team, please keep your chin up and do not give in. Hopefully, you have great legal representation and enough pro-bono work to see this through to the end and you win your case.
    Did you mention they're down the road from you? Maybe they got tired of seeing all the fun you guys are having. It's got to be a little depressing down there at SPARC with the layoffs, the collapsing market share, and that fewer and fewer highend computer applications need their over-priced equipment. Certainly, they need to keep their legal department engaged so I guess you became the target for now.
    Here's one fan cheering for David!

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