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  • In a website full of engineers, am I the only one bothered by: Software Development and IT == SWIT?

  • Check out krebsonsecurity.com for actual pictures of credit card skimmers (did not see any with SF products in it). Pretty sophisticated devices. The fancier versions now send the data via GSM so the crooks don't have to go back to the ATM and risk getting caught.

    Always shield the keyboard when entering your PIN!

  • This (and its right-angle brother) outputs quadrature, not Gray code. (And capitalize "Gray", since it's named after a person, Frank Gray.)

    Love the data sheet: "for microscopic current circuits used in electronic equipment"!

  • Torque units are lb-ft, oz-in, kg-cm, N-m, etc.

  • Wait a second!
    There's less snow in CO than we've got on Long Island!!

  • Well this is the last time I try the Free Day experience. 2 hours of server timeouts just isn't that fun.
    I hope everyone who made it through puts their parts to cool use!

  • SparkFun customers aren't stupid. SPARC customers aren't stupid, either.
    The only ones confused here are SPARC management and specifically, their Marketing group. If they think that having the use of "SparkFun" for selling their wares will improve their bottom line, I suggest they pause for a bit and think what their customers will do upon hearing the word "fun" used to name high-end servers.
    Give up? They'll shake their heads at the lame excuse for a Marketing group that SPARC has and then buy their products anyway. So they should save themselves some embarrassment and give up this silly waste-of-time.

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