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  • Is anyone able to provide an example code of how to set positions, and get the steppers to go to those positions (without using the "delay" function). There are no example sketches of how to do this included with the library.

    The only examples that are provided with this library are "how to make your stepper play music" and "how to control a five-axis gantry system".

    There needs to be an example that shows the use of: busyCheck(); setMark(long newMark) setPos(long newPos) goTo(long pos) stepClock(byte dir); goUntil(byte action, byte dir, float stepsPerSec);

    This driver is not for users that are new to stepper motors-- There isn't enough example support for the software.

  • Are there any example codes that use the "Position Commands" of the SparkFunAutoDriver.h library?

    I'm having trouble understanding how to use these position commands.

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