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  • Couldn't get it working, alas. In the end, I just desoldered it, tossed it in the drawer and switched to one of the Pro Mini's (5V/16Mhz) I had sitting around. Had to switch to AA batteries (sadness) for now (and rework and re-print the case to hold them), but it worked straight-away. 8Mz was probably too slow for Mozzi anyway.

  • Hi. I've got a project set up with a Qduino that's trying to use Mozzi for audio. It's working with Arduino 1.6.4, but the sound is awful. After struggling with things for a while, I realize that (for some reason) Mozzi doesn't work well with the recent Arduino IDE's. Can someone give me some pointers on how to set up 1.0.5 to work with the Qduino.

    I've grabbed the installer files, and have tried moving them into the appropriate places inside Arduino 1.0.5. I see qduino on the boards list, I can compile: but it's not uploading. I suspect this has to do with me not knowing what to do with the avrdude.conf and platform.txt files that are there.

    If anyone knows how to get this working on 1.0.5, I'd appreciate some pointers!

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