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Member Since: October 26, 2009

Country: United States

  • Congratulations!
    We all note that you are impotent to fight evil.
    "SPARC is not Sun"
    ..."War is Peace"
    ......"Freedom is Slavery"
    ........."Ignorance is Strength"

  • Yeah! They know SPARC is the only one they're going to be getting any money from.
    They know very well that Sparkfun, on the other hand, is NOT willing to give them any.
    SPARC, you are bullied wimps! Get some cajones and rid yourselves of those parasites.
    Lawyering 101: Leach onto your clients and steal their money under the guise of "helping" them. Same as Government 101.

  • I don't know this, but I suspect Sun's revenue is increasingly coming from the government, and it's probably for Oracle servers that will be keeping track of all the new, important information that the feds are collecting on everyone and everything. Why else put an ad on the back cover of The Economist, a globalist CFR-favored publication.

  • Q) What's black and tan and looks good on a lawyer?
    A) A Doberman Pinscher.

  • The lawyers aren't looking for a settlement. Their only real objective is to bill for all the hours and paperwork they'll generate. They just have to convince some fools within SPARC Int'l that it is in the company's interest to pay them to "pursue" this. There will be no outcome other than lawyer bills for SPARC Int'l and the same, plus stress, for Sparkfun.

  • Technicality. It's never anything personal, is it?
    As a member of the corporate web that makes up SUN and its allies, you seem to have no compunction to condemn SPARC International for allowing this pointless and destructive lawyering against tiny, irrelevant, Sparkfun.
    YOU are part of the problem. You even say that Sparkfun should be careful to not offend SUN. Why? Is SUN going to harm them next? Are they going to go bankrupt without SUN's favor? They'd do fine if SUN disappeared tomorrow.
    Maybe you will be laid off within the next two years as the economy worsens. Perhaps after having been ejected from the corporate cocoon and starting your own business, you'll gain some appreciation of how the world really works and understand how wrong this all was.
    Maybe Sun's lawyers will even accuse you of some ridiculous "infringement" and you will be dumbfounded as all your old workmates turn their backs on you in unison, showing what slaves they are, just like you were.

  • Yep, the lawyers are probably driving this whole show and railroading SPARC against their better judgment. They probably made a compelling case that this was some kind of emergency, that a "theft" was in progress. You can bet SPARC will pay $100k for the prosecution of this idiocy over the next 6 months. SPARC needs to recognize these lawyers for what they are: LIFE-SUCKING PARASITES. I'm frankly surprised there's still any left in the "IP" business to cause any trouble. I thought they were all laid off and on to other things, like figuring out how to grab some of those Obama bucks. Apparently, there's still some cleaving to the sheer rock face of what was American tech leadership.

  • I was just starting to think that the lawyers had all but chased tech out of the United States and left themselves unemployed, as a result. It seems there are a few hanger-ons still trying to make trouble in order to justify their existence. All things SUN have been dying a slow death for over a decade now. To suppose that they must bother Sparkfun for some strategic reason is a joke. I would write letters of appeal to their leadership and shareholders directly. The lawyers are NOT going to be interested in any kind of conclusion. This might be their last gig and they know it!

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