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  • I’m working on something similar - a solo data logger with GPS, IMU, analog input (steering and throttle input), and digital input (brake and clutch). I’m upgrading to Teensy 4.1 from last season’s Redboard Artemis for speed. In preliminary testing on the 4.1 I’m seeing about 50Hz for 16 digital inputs using the SparkFun SX1505 writing each sample to the microSD card. By buffering to memory and writing to the microSD at the end, I can bump the speed up to around 250Hz. For solo applications, a minute or so of data will fit in RAM. This is faster than I really need, but it will give me time to sample the analog channels, IMU, GPS and still have decent throughput. The goal is 10Hz for GPS data, 100Hz for everything else (10x faster that the Artemis version)

    BTW, to get the high rates from the SX1505, I made the readWord function in the library public to get all 16 channels in one call. That was an order of magnitude speed improvement. Highly recommend if you need fast samples.

    Full design uses (all QWIIC) SX1505 for digital, ADS1015 for analog, ZOE-M8Q GPS, BNO080 IMU, serial LCD for driver control unit. Distributed through the car using CAT5 and PCA9615 Differential I2C breakout for reliable connections in a noisy environment.

  • Pease update the drawing to show the right callout for the threaded holes to match your coolant pipe (1/2 20)! I assumed the drawing was right, drilled and tapped 6 holes to M14 1.25. My bad, should have double checked, or searched the comments...

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