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  • I successfully routed the audio input to the 1L/2R audio outputs, but I can't get the volume control on the output to work using serial commands: tsunami.setInputMix(0x0F); // Works tsunami.masterGain(0, -20); // Has no effect delay(500); tsunami.masterGain(0, 10); // Has no effect

    Other serial commands work fine as I can read the firmware version ("Tsunami v1.09s (c)2017"). Thoughts? Thanks, Sid

  • As Member #498156 mentioned in the reviews, breaking out the unused differential pair pins (3 & 6) could be helpful. Another thought would be to make them jumperable to the power pins. Beefing up the power traces wouldn't be bad either. These enhancements would help with powering attached devices. Thanks!

  • Are the wires soldered to the clips or just crimped?

  • Does the LED light up while playing a file?
    (We trigger 11 outdoor scenes from a sound trailer for our outdoor living nativity and can't hear what is happening at the scenes)
    Pushing the Navigation Center stops the playing track. Does the track then start from the beginning next time?

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