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  • I'm not sure what's going on with this but I'm on my second DS3234 that is running 15 seconds fast within 2 days. By the end of the week it's about a minute and half fast... It's either a bad batch or my code is effecting it which I don't understand how because all I'm doing is reading the time to display to a 7 segment.

  • Does anyone know how to increment the hours without it falling out of 12 hour mode? I'm using the <SparkFunDS3234RTC.h> library and the setHour command seems to be the culprit. Is there a way manually set the AM/PM bit? Here's my function:

    void setTimeManually()
    while (digitalRead(hourUpButton) == HIGH)
    addHour = rtc.hour(); //assign local variable
    addHour++;               //increment it
    rtc.setHour(addHour); //write to RTC
    while (digitalRead(hourDownButton) == HIGH)
    subtractHour = rtc.hour(); //assign local variable
    subtractHour--;           //decrement it  
    rtc.setHour(subtractHour); //write to RTC

    Have you used your library to adjust clock setting via an external button? I'm trying to do that with the 3234 and struggling a bit. Looked at your library and not sure how to incorporate some of those functions.

    See my project here:

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