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  • when they said they were doubling up on the work, I didn't think they meant it literally.

  • I've been using this technique for years, even before I had used a solder sucker or solder wick! it works great. If you use a hot air gun, it works for SMT too. I used to use a paint stripping gun then slam the board on a brick (In the back yard of course) This got lots of SMT's off old boards, didn't fair too well for the PCB though ;)

  • For practice I just strip chips off old discarded boards by means of using a paint-stripping gun as a makeshift hot-air reflow tool. then I clean up the board and chip, and practice different techniques of re-soldering it back on.

  • I was just reading the datasheet you guys made,
    this device is amazing! it has better performance then any nA device could, and the temperature range is just fantastic. Pitty you don't sell them anymore, I could do with some of these in my own project.
    On a serious note though, I had similar problem with defective/counterfeit opamps for a battery monitoring project I was working on, I layed the board design out nicely and we sent them out to be fabricated and populated and the fab/pop company kept telling us there was a short. After a week of (sometimes angry) dialogue they decided to test the chips, low and behold, the "alternate" part they selected (as opposed to the part I specifically stated) turned out to be fake or defective. thankfully it was their fault in ordering a non-specified part so they had to foot the bill.

  • I have had respect for Sparc for a while, but to do something like this just throws them in the same boat as Microsoft.
    What is it with companies doing this these days? What next? is Linksys going to sue Crisco because someone might confuse cooking oil with a router?
    I turned to Linux because of Microsoft pulling these stunts, I am quite prepared to turn my back on Sun microsystems as well if they are going to do the same.
    The first 4 letter match, so what, so do a lot of words in the dictionary, maybe they should sue the oxford dictionary company for mentioning the word "Sun".

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