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magic smoke

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  • Reselling them is an incredible stupid move!
    Small-scale and large-scale conmen will buy them and sell them. For month to come no one buying a few mega328s on eBay will be safe, thanks to your incredible stupidity. You are aiding and abetting fraud.

  • Great idea! Let your customers pay, instead of sparkfun having to pay waste management to get rid of the garbage.

  • Well, don't you think telling many people is a stupid idea? With everyone you told about free day your own chance of getting through was reduced.

  • I think what people are, IMHO rightfully, complain about is that they in fact didn't get the opportunity.
    It is one thing to play the lottery and lose, it is a completely different thing not even get close to the lottery counter, because it was only open for a selected few ones.

  • but pages loaded
    No, they didn't. Especially for those who couldn't even get a TCP connection set up. You apparently have no clue how this Internet thing works.
    And the fact that 80% of the giveaways went to US orderers also tells a story. Foreign Internet users couldn't get through, likely because your ISP has a piss-poor international Internet connection or maybe because you deliberately rate-limited them. For your foreign customers your pages didn't load at all. But since when did you care about your foreign customers at all.

  • The 70000 is just the tip of the iceberg. These are the people who got a connection. The figure doesn't include those who didn't get a connection.
    And when one of the 70000 lost connection its place was taken by someone else. So there are much more than 70000 who didn't get through. Like playing musical chairs with 70000 chairs and 1000 comfy chairs.

  • Your servers stayed up?
    Sorry, but your site went down faster than a whore in Vegas.

  • I don't make my own furniture. I could of course "learn so much more" when doing it. But all I am interested in is getting a chair and a table. So getting these well known flatpacks with a hex-wrench is good enough for me, and many others.
    Same with pre-made dev boards. I can concentrate on what matters, not on building the Nth board, or even worse, have stuff on a flimsy solderless breadboard.
    So the need for such boards is very obvious for those who need to get a job done.

  • I am an Atmel AVR ATmega user (an EE), and not a PIC user, but I must say Microchip understands very well how "to get them young", while Atmel doesn't.
    Atmel is completely unreachable for young enthusiasts. You won't find a single mentioning of Arduino on atmel.com. For Atmel the Arduino doesn't exist, it is just a bunch of people buying Atmel chips. Nothing they care about.
    Half of Atmel's original AVR tools are not affordable by enthusiasts (AVR-ONE!, JTAGICE mkII, SDK600), the affordable ones are either not very robust (Dragon) or don't have many features (AVRISP mkII). Arduino circumvents these tools by having ATmegas pre-programmed with a bootloader.
    When you start directly with an ATmega, not via an Arduino, you can pretty much scratch your head where to start. While it just takes two or three clicks on the microchip.com web site to get information how to start with PICs, and what you need.
    I would not underestimate Microchip when they want to do something like the Arduino. They have the ties to their users to make it a success even if they start late.

  • Roger Meike: While Sun is a member of of SPARC International, so are many other companies. SPARC International is NOT Sun, nor is it owned by Sun, nor is it controlled by Sun.
    - Sun founded SPARC International.
    - Only SI executive members have a say in the direction of SI and have a board seat. Other members don't.
    - Sun is such an executive members.
    - How many executive members are there in total? Well, while there are many SI members, there are only two executive members in total.
    - Fujitsu, Sun's old SPARC ally, is the other executive member.
    Do you think this looks like "nor is it controlled by Sun"?
    Roger Meike: I would think SparkFun would prefer to have Sun as a friend through all this...
    Friends don't write such statements. Friends don't question the friendship in times of crisis.

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