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  • I registered the domain "sparcsucks.com". I'm going to use it as another World Wide Window onto what Sparc is doing to SparkFun and possibly other "little guys".
    Things like this pi$$ me off. It happened to me. A long-established local competitor worked hard to shut my new business down, apparently calling in my state's Dpt. of Revenue, the local zoning board, and the FCC to investigate my business. The fight to shut me down raised such attention that it made the newspaper's front page. Within a year or two, the local competitor was literally bulldozed into the ground.
    I don't expect or even want Sparc International to see the same fate. I do want them to feel a pinch, even if just bad public opinion. There is absolutely no need for them to be doing what they are doing. As was said before, only idiots (like their lawyers, apparently) would confuse the two trademarks with each other.

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