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  • I lost my code... yeah, that's it... I just lost it. Maybe I can get one of the ones that do not get redeemed to replace it. Yeah...

  • This is my third year without winning anything; and, I got cross-eyed from the captcha images. None-the-less, I love Sparkfun and I will continue playing once a year, just to say I did. In fact, now I'm going to place an order and I hope the orders really deluge the order system and shipping departments.

  • Well, it isn't really verifying them. It says to try again when they are right or wrong.

  • I am still able to type in captchas. Is my computer stuck? It still verifies them too.

  • O.K. I'm tired of reading captchas. I think I'll just take apart an iPod Touch... just to relax.

  • Well, then I guess I'm ready in NC.

  • To what page should we navigate for the 'FREE DAY' link once we are logged in? In other words, should we start on the 'HOME' page, the 'NEWS' page, etc.?

  • I will order this when Sparkfun has a 2 kV power supply available.
    Also, how much pudding is supplied and is there a choice of flavors.

  • I was unable to answer any questions because the Sparkfun servers were not responsive. I tried from 11 a.m. (EST) to about 1:30 p.m. (EST) and was able to log on and get kicked off three times. I was never able to get to the point where I even saw a question, however I did press the button that said I wanted to take the quiz.
    To those that are upset, angry, or are recommending the use of a better system; realize that this is a nice gesture on the part of Sparkfun ($150,000 is a lot of free stuff) and one purpose is to find the flaws in their system.
    I am disappointed that I did not receive any credit, but I am in no way upset or angry. I fully understand the purpose(s) of this exercise and I fully support it. I do not feel it was a waste of my time either. It was all in fun for me and I hope that Sparkfun learns a lot.
    I hope Sparkfun continues to do this and if they do, may you fare well next time.

  • Is the ATmega chip the 328 or the 168 on the stock as of 7-Oct-2010? The last two that I bought had the 168 (during the time that the 328 was unavailable).
    The university that I work with would like to buy a couple of these, but they want to be able to change the program. The 168 is full with the AHRS code and they really do not want to change the chip.

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