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  • I saw that this chip has a built in capacitive touch controller for up to 256 channels. Has anyone got more information about how I would use this functionality with the Arduino IDE, and even how this would be possible in terms of number of pins?

  • Very exciting... I have two questions :

    • Is there a clever way to achieve more than 10 capacitive touch pins through the chip’s internal pin multiplexing feature without additional components?

    • Can I connect a single 2200mah 18650 Lithium Battery to the battery terminals to power my project with capability to recharge through USB?

  • Has anyone made a Fritzing part for this module?

  • Can someone please help me. I'm designing a PCB using Fritzing and I want to decide on a micro USB socket. I want to choose the one which is most commonly available and the cheapest option, I'm thinking this type is the one? I don't know which part to use from the Fritzing parts library. Any Fritzing users out there who can help?

  • OH NO! I've been blindly working on a board based around the MPR121 for the past half a year or so. Now I've come to making my BOM and I find out it's out of production. This is literally the worst news I've had in ages, so much time and work wasted.

    Is this really being taken out of production? Is no one else going to be manufacturing this? If it Is all true; is there anything I can replace this with that can be near enough a drop in replacement?

    Please help!

  • Is there common part number for this? Like this one is commonly called DC005, would there be an equivalent for this breadboard friendly version?

  • I'm still looking for an 8Mhz version of this crystal for a 3.3v Arduino Pro Micro circuit ( Atmega32U4 ) I want to build into my project. Any help? For now I need to know if the SMD footprint would be the same as this one, but I'll obviously need to source the component eventually too.

  • Is there an equivalent sized 8MHz one ?

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