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A graduate with a BS in Computer Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering. Working in Longmont for a prestigious silicon company as a DSV Engineer.

Students in EE/CE that have questions can email me at: s.r.grace[at]gmail.com. I will be more than happy to give you my knowledge and expertise. My main focus is on FPGA/Digital Logic and MCU systems, but I can help out in other areas.


Verificatoin Engineer


IEEE, PC Gamers

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MASM x86, C, C++, C#, SQL, Java (some), PHP, BASH, Batch File, HTML, HDL (VHDL/Verilog/SystemVerilog), Tcl.


University of Wyoming - BS in Computer Engineering, Minor Electrical Engineering


Embedded Systems Engineering, Digital Logic Design


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  • For the past 6 years, I’ve been flirting with the idea of writing a “textbook” (more like a handbook) on doing electronics. (I got a chapter written). Going from the basics and then doing a “choose your own” adventure to either MCU or Digital logic.The concept was to provide the base knowledge, build the analytical knowledge, and then test the both with experiments through thought and diagrams to actual hardware.

    The book, of course, was going to be purely open sourced, and heavily cited valid sources as well. However, as time progressed, I’ve had less and less energy to dedicate to it, and lower drive.

    With that said, I think it’s time for SFE to do something similar, and start reaching out to customers/users to write tutorials and actually guide where the knowledge needs to go. Sort of like discovering an ancient city based upon sparse evidence.

  • It’s a sad/glad day to see you step down Nate. You’ve grown the company over the years, and it’ll be an interesting transition to who you all hire for the position. With that aside, welcome back to the engineering fold! I can’t wait to see what tutorials and projects you work on.

  • I bought one at AVC… I might have to make a tutorial on motor controls for it…

  • My favorite demo to this day still has to be the tweeting kegerator. Sadly, decommissioned because who is really going to maintain it?

    As an explanation, for any demo (software or hardware), it has to be maintained. This takes time/money, and a lot of times it isn’t worth keeping it around when newer tech is coming out.

  • Absolutely! Depending on how popular it gets, it might be worth trying to convince some IRC channel users to mod it.

  • I’ve heard the same thing about Youtube, but it’s hard to say which will provide better backend service, which is required for something that needs to be realtime.

  • Hey Shawn,

    Have you checked out the new Beta feature of Twitch that will reduce the delay between chat and video? This might solve the delay problem (to an extent), but it will cause people that do not have fast connections to buffer more.

    It’ll be interesting to see. How is the bot hooked up to the Internet for this?

  • I’ve always like Beerware for my code/scripts I’ve written over the years and give to people. Back in college and when I graduated, I didn’t care what people did with my code as long as they “pay it forward” with beerware.

    I am a firm believer of karma and paying it forward. You don’t owe me anything (unless you wan to give me something because you want to), but I just you to help others like I helped you.

  • It is possible that the SDCard has an Serial Presence Detect (SPD) system on it to determine speed. It’s been years removed since doing detailed work on SDCards.

  • This goes into the classes of SD Cards. Some instances, processors are limited on what Classes they support. I’ve had an issue with an old phone in the past were a Class 10 SDCard was never read properly, but when I got a Class 4/6 card, it worked perfectly.

    It’s probably a null-point now with the newer tech.

    Here’s some info on the classes/speeds of SD cards: https://www.sdcard.org/developers/overview/speed_class/