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A graduate with a BS in Computer Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering. Working in Longmont for a prestigious silicon company as a DSV Engineer.

Students in EE/CE that have questions can email me at: s.r.grace[at]gmail.com. I will be more than happy to give you my knowledge and expertise. My main focus is on FPGA/Digital Logic and MCU systems, but I can help out in other areas.


Verificatoin Engineer


IEEE, PC Gamers

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MASM x86, C, C++, C#, SQL, Java (some), PHP, BASH, Batch File, HTML, HDL (VHDL/Verilog/SystemVerilog), Tcl.


University of Wyoming - BS in Computer Engineering, Minor Electrical Engineering


Embedded Systems Engineering, Digital Logic Design


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  • Pearce, I know for a smaller company ordering things at the prices that fit best is difficult. With that said, do you negotiate and have suppliers compete with each other on items?

  • How does this compare to Hackaday’s Hackaday.IO? I’m assuming it to compete, just wondering what will make what you’re supporting more beneficial.

  • I don’t think a heavy metal dev board would work too well. LOL (jk). RIP Lemmy.

  • I wouldn’t have split IoT into separate categories since they all kind of need each other to work. However, I would mention that streaming your own content to the world via Twitch or Hitbox (Ustream as well) has become extremely popular in 2015, and will continue to grow this year. Technology to allow for better production quality for these streams will become a focus, especially with this: Skreens.

    Also, with data centers taking off in the use of OpenCL, offloading processes to other machines and phones will become a norm in the future. Need to number crunch but can’t spare cycles on your computer? Send it to your phone or tablet!

  • Here’s a great tutorial/article on how switching power supplies. http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/anatomy-of-switching-power-supplies/1/

  • Welcome to the Future!

  • This senior in engineering at this university puts it quite well. Women that go into STEM should be role models to us all. Letter to the Editor.

  • It’d still be interesting to do this again with an off the shelf product and record those readings and see how close your data was.

  • Hey Shawn. What kind of calibration did you do for the sensor so you can get an accurate BAC reading? My idea would’ve been to also have an actual BAC reader there to compare numbers.

    The reason why I bring this up is, the BAC readers used by law enforcement wants you to breathe into a tube (a good way to keep other byproducts out like if you spill beer on your shirt/jacket) and those tend to be pretty accurate (down to .01% error). Plus, the MQ-3 looks to have an okay resolution for the PPM for sensing.

    Either way, cool project.

  • I do want to make a comment in regards to what people should do and not turn this into a witch hunt.

    1. If you’re concerned that this might happen with your family/friends with a school, please have a discussion at the next Parent-Teacher Conference. This conference is there as a benefit to both the school and parents. In most cases, teachers do not know as much as the parent/student when it comes to making/tinkering.
    2. Encourage teachers to buy books and attend summits/conferences in which teach the teachers how to use electronics. What Sparkfun has done in the past with the tour is a great example and should be encouraged everywhere.
    3. Encourage students to be open about their tinkering and making. These young minds will solve the problems of the world that we cannot even comprehend today. Who knows, it might help them get a job for the summer doing what they do!
    4. Do not harass the police/district/teacher(s) that were involved with this incident. At the time they didn’t know what exactly to do (this is because the lack of knowledge of what students can do outside of school). Look at this as a teaching moment for those that do not know.

    Every moment of every day can be a teaching/learning moment to everyone. The only way we can overcome petty things like this is to come together and have an open dialog from all points and come to a common ground. It will take time, and it will be tough, but it can be done.