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  • Actually, I have been debating between the ChronoDot2.0 with it's i2c interface, extended temp range and the lower cost, and the Sparkfun DS3234S based module with the sram and SPI interface. Either module would be excellent, but it would be nice if Sparkfun would produce two versions of 3.3volt RTC modules, one based on the DS3231SN for the i2c fans and a second version based on the DS3234SN for the SPI fans. ChronoDot, well, I guess I am a square person.. and I like the form factor Sparkfun is using. Also, my case, I am looking for a device with a bit of memory onboard since I will soon be working with a leaflabs maple board (STM32 based) which does not have eeprom onboard. While the STM32 can emulate eeprom, I would rather use sram external if I have a choice, thus my interest in the Sparkfun module. The DS3234S has a good all around set of features in one package. Also, I'm dealing with some very cold temps, thus the extended temp range request.

  • Is there any chance the next batch of these could be produced using the DS3234SN part instead of the DS3234S? This product would be much better if it could operate in the industrial (-40°C to +85°C) temperature range.

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