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  • You have got to be kidding me!
    We use Sparc Products at work all the time so I'm exposed to them every day and I never made that connection until I saw this. Furthermore, I am a 'PC Support Analyst' (nice title I know), but I just fix PCs, Macs, Linux, UNIX, Sun Solaris and AIX hardware and software) and still - never made the connection. I have 35+ years of exposure to electronics (and a 2 year degree in Electronics Technology) <-- I can even spell it! I recently bought a LeCroy WaveAce 232 so this hobby is very serious; I've spent plenty having fun with electronics. And STILL I never made the connection between Sparc and SparkFun. I just don't understand the reason for this.
    I guess the Sparc laywers are bored or something. I couldn't be a lawyer, um, wouldn't want to be a lawyer.
    Don't give up the fight! We're all behind you!

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