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  • Will applying a 3.3V to the flex sensor reduce the sensitivity of the readings?

  • The Wire.h library built in Arduino works! I had the I2C pins connected wrongly. Solved!

  • I down graded to "0.2.9" version of the bootloader. Both the boards, Sparkfun Pro nrf52840 Mini and our custom board work now! Yayy! I can successfully run the bluetooth example which is on the tutorial page.

    Currently, I am trying to read the I2C buses, because that's where additional sensors are attached which we wish to read through the I2C port on the boards. If my understanding is correct the Wire library from Arduino can be used out of the box to do this, right? I do not need a special library to communicate with the I2C buses on the nrf boards? I am uploading this example on the nrf board to scan for I2C devices but no luck! Any suggestions??

  • Not sure why I cannot run any of my Arduino scripts on the custom board we built using the schematics of the Sparkfun nrf52840 mini breakout board using the Arduino IDE!

    Note I am testing both, our custom board and the breakout board form Sparkfun. For both of the boards I am facing the same problem. The bootloader ( uploads on both the boards without any errors. I am following the exact steps I see on several tutorials online to upload the bootloader (for example: Arduino IDE detects the board too but then the code does not work! Not even a simple blink LED code. Also, the boards keep getting detected as USB drives all the time. Whenever I press the RESET button the board gets detected as USB drive a new window pops up. Most of the time I do not press anything and a new window pops up showing the board detected as a USB drive. This seems strange to me. Am I in a wrong mode of the board? Have I not uploaded the correct bootloader version or the bootloader itself?

    Other than the Arduino code not working I also have one more problem. I cannot get the Sparkfun board to get into the bootloader mode, how it normally should work when you press the RESET button or do the trick with the RESET button and the PIN13 button after which the blue LED7 starts blinking.

    Please assist if you know what's going on or have faced similar issues in the past. A prompt response is much appreciated!

    Thank you for reading.

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