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  • -competitors <:)

  • You appear to be in a position to actually help, being a customer of SPARC. Have you considered emailing them, saying that you look disfavorably on their bullying, and would consider this issue sufficient reason to research their competators?
    I want to see them squirm. :)

  • The lawyers even got it wrong! They said SparkFun was trying to use the term "SPARKFUN" as a trademark, to make it look closer to "SPARC" than it is. They're grasping at straws! Typical of lawyers. Everyone should be more like engineers. :)
    Maybe SPARC should relinquish their domain and cause it to route to sparkfun.com? If they get your domain, I'll tell all my friends, and all the professors that I know in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science departments of Cal Poly, SLO.

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