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  • Is there a breakout board available for this? It says there is in the description but I can't find it.

  • I would like to note that on the 3D model it is missing one of the female headers

  • Is there a possible date on when you will have these in stock?

  • Ok, I think I'll get the Mega, because if it is like an Uno with more memory and pins than that's exactly what I want. I was just wondering because it looked a lot like the Uno.

  • I would normally never mention political stuff and even more on a website like this but I have to say I agree fully and I think its completely horrible that our country has done this for the United States itself is built off of people around the world and the same with the English language. And talking about SparkFun not being here but all the things they sell. Us as people would not have been able to easily come together and make and find and discover the amazing things we have today making the world unimaginable. Not allowing someone to live in the U.S. because they came from a certain place or certain religion is against the whole reason the country was created.

  • Would this be good for people like me who have only used an uno or is it much more advanced?

  • I will probably get some of these since once they go out of stock I can't get anymore. Even though I'll most likely never use them I know if I don't get them I'll probably need some.

  • The LED button is easier to use this way.

  • Sorry for someone telling you why 6 years later, but if you use it at a lower voltage I find it to be more of a yellow color.

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