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  • In this case because they both partnered with Microsoft and these packages were announced at Build 2016 on 31-Mar-2016. Look for the day 2 keynote, or see this page: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/develop/iot/starter-kits/

  • Battery Base all day long - or for a bunch of hours at least. If you're going to have a little power efficient micro-controller with wireless you might as well have wireless power.

  • It would be nice because they aren't stocked with the usual guys (Mouser and DigiKey), semiconductorstore.com will is where I picked them up in the past for quite a bit less than the hobby/maker places that do bother to try selling them from time to time. Sadly it looks like they're not in stock at the moment but you can order them and I'm sure a nice person will call you to advise you on the delay.

  • You need the SilverTel PoE module to complete it. It should be AG9120S, at least that's what the old Arduino Ethernet and Ethernet Shield used.

  • Nice kit, the 3v3 regulator is a nice touch for those using sensors that only run 3v3. A 3v3 version might be fun--for the premium cost of this kit stepping up and using a LM1117T-5 instead of the LM7805 would be nice in the next rev. Then 3v3 operation is a simple mod since a pin-compatible 3v3 part could be subbed and the small 3v3 regulator jumpered.
    People that are into this hobby are probably better off ordering the add-on kit, ATMega and crystal. I know I have all the rest of parts in my bins. That got me thinking, $15 for the missing parts? There are kits out there in the $13-$18 range (no 3v3). Are you sure you didn't mean to price this at 24.95? I ask because the add-on kit plus missing parts, unless I made a mistake, is $25.35 in your store. Public wishlist here: http://sprkfn.com/w21220.

No public wish lists :(