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  • Nice kit, the 3v3 regulator is a nice touch for those using sensors that only run 3v3. A 3v3 version might be fun–for the premium cost of this kit stepping up and using a LM1117T-5 instead of the LM7805 would be nice in the next rev. Then 3v3 operation is a simple mod since a pin-compatible 3v3 part could be subbed and the small 3v3 regulator jumpered.
    People that are into this hobby are probably better off ordering the add-on kit, ATMega and crystal. I know I have all the rest of parts in my bins. That got me thinking, $15 for the missing parts? There are kits out there in the $13-$18 range (no 3v3). Are you sure you didn’t mean to price this at 24.95? I ask because the add-on kit plus missing parts, unless I made a mistake, is $25.35 in your store. Public wishlist here: