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  • I guess I received an implicit answer to my question.
    Shortly after I posted this comment the name of the item changed from "Vibration Motor - LRA ROB-08449" to "Vibration Motor ROB-08449". I will continue my search for an LRA motor elsewhere. -*************** - I need an LRA (Linear Resonant Actuator) coin cell vibrating motor for a project. The name of this item indicates it is an LRA, "Vibration Motor - LRA ROB-08449" but the item description and the Datasheet indicate that it is actually an ERM (Eccentric Rotating Mass) coin cell vibrating motor. Does anyone know for sure which type it is? I need the vibration to be in the Z-axis. ERM's have vibration in the X-axis and Y-axis but nothing in Z.
    Plus an ERM type motor runs with a DC voltage. An LRA type motor requires an AC voltage tuned to the resonant frequency of the motor.
    An LRA type motor does not have a 'commutator' or '4 magnetic poles'. LRAs use a voice coil design with a single rare-earth magnet.
    LRA coin cell vibrating motors do typically cost a bit more than the ERM version so the relatively high price that Sparkfun is asking makes me think this might be an LRA (in which case the description and datasheet need to be updated).

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