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  • Ironic that the arduino.cc faq say
    "Note that while we don't attempt to restrict uses of the "duino" suffix, its use causes the Italians on the team to cringe (apparently it sounds terrible); you might want to avoid it"
    And it one thing that everyone seems to have latched on to :)
    GHI took a better approach with the FEZ Domino, don't use the *duino name, avoid all the hate while still being Arduino-Compatible.

  • It's also worth noting that for these basic ballistic straight up and back down rockets, there is an optimal mass to get the highest attitude, and quite often you end up carrying extra blast to hit that mass.
    For onboard rocket video these days, the ContourHD 1080p is a great choice and it's shape makes it very easy to mount throuh the wall of the rockets airframe.
    If you end up flying consumer electronics on a large rocket, glue/solider in all the batteries and memory cards, there is a lot of vibration even in smaller rockets that will pop things open.
    Phones have a handy use though, and that's recovery. Write a little app and get it to SMS you it's GPS location when it lands. Use SMS rather than 3G as you likely be in the middle of nowhere with poor phone signal and the rocket will be lying in the only ditch for miles, sms has a better chance of getting through.

  • Am I the only one that things AG20 01-7 looks like a date code? Either July 2001 or 20th Jan 2007?

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