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  • $150 for two SSR's on a board? why not ?

  • **Prior to Arduino 1.0.1, it was possible to configure internal pull-ups in the following manner:

    pinMode(pin, INPUT); // set pin to input digitalWrite(pin, HIGH); // turn on pullup resistors

    this syntax is used in the example encoder code, but no longer works: digitalWrite(ROT_A, HIGH); // turn on weak pullup

    remove these lines for ROT_A and B, and just declare pinMode(pin, INPUT_PULLUP); for pulled-up inputs on ROT_A, ROT_B

  • ** warning ** The sample code for both RG and RGB encoders instructs connecting the LED contacts directly to the Arduino:

    // Rotary encoder pin 1 (red anode) to digital pin 10

    // Rotary encoder pin 2 (green anode) to analog pin 1

    A series current limiting resistor should be used between the anodes and the Arduino pins.

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