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  • any idea when you'll have more of these? WAAAAANT!

  • Here are a couple of posts I made outlining my experiences with the RN-XV. Hope people find them useful:

    RN-XV Wifly

    Arduino talks to Python

  • You can use the XBee breakout board. It def works. http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8276

    i had trouble with the XBee explorer regulated and i hear the same issue happens with the xbee shield. OR checkout boulderjoe's instructable right above your post for a quick way to get your shield working.

  • problem was not the board definition (thanks SF support). It is an issue with avrdude that lots are experiencing

    i tried Arduino IDE 022, 023, 1.0, and Wiring... nothing worked. Tried installing various drivers... no luck. Tried other boards like an Arduino Pro 5V and a regular Mega 2560 which worked fine... sad face.

    Only thing that worked? hitting reset as soon as i see "Binary sketch size:" pop up on the IDE. as much as a fun new game this is, would be great to have a permanent fix. :)

  • The 3.3V version has new board definitions, are there new ones for this 5V version as well? If so can you please attach? I'm unable to upload anything to this board using any existing board defs in the Arduino IDE.


  • i've created a little blog entry about getting started with this chassis. I'm hoping to keep adding more to it.


  • i bought 2 of these with the chassis. unfortunately they don't fit because they're too wide. might work with some modification however. basically i'm thinking of cutting a section out them down the middle and gluing them back together.

  • bob brings up an interesting reason for the deviation which i didn't consider. i thought it was mainly due to the omni wheel getting stuck. truth is, your robot will never move exactly the way your code suggests because of countless reasons. i'm going to try to make it more accurate by adding wheel encoding (somehow) and a magnetometer or compass.

  • i don't mind captcha and i understand the need, but perhaps it would be less painful if everyone was limited to 1 try every 10 min. as it is, it just seems like a pointless and frustrating exercise.

    (not to be unappreciative, i'm still your biggest fan, sparkfun!)

  • wow... ok... should have read Zacken's comment above more closely. the RN-XV does NOT play well with xbee explorer regulated. seems like people have had trouble with the xbee sheild as well.

    i got rid of the explorer and hooked up 3.3V, GND, RX, TX directly to the RN-XV, and its working much better. i was a little worried that an unregulated RX, TX signal would damage the device but it appears to not have a problem with it.

    SparkFun, could you please adjust the product description - it's not compatible with all xbee adapters. i'm going to order the xbee breakout board which i think is most suitable for this. http://www.sparkfun.com/products/8276

    Can you confirm?

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