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  • While this can be a fun project, PLEASE do not rely on it for ensure your or others safety!!!!! I was going to build several, similar units, based on a different sensor, for our county Emergency Preparedness Department. When an attorney, who also was a volunteer for the department, heard of the plan, he explained the ENORMOUS liability that would ensue if relying on the accurate predictions of this device caused injury or death to anyone..

  • By my reckoning, I have assembled, or trouble-shot for others, over 150 heathkits, from the electronic ignition kit to the electronic organ kit and most everything in between. I currently own a VTVM, Tube Tester, two Frequency Counters (one w/LED display and the other with NIXIE tubes for the display) and an amateur band receiver .

  • MANY years ago, we put together a 500 sensor array for monitoring temperatures, etc. in a turbine powered, electrical generator set, under test. It took multiple Hewlett Packard, HPIB bus multiplexers, at a cost of MANY thousands of dollars to get the results we needed. Using the Arduino ecosystem today, we could do the same thing for a fraction of the cost.

    All I can say to the SparkFun team is - Keep Innovating!

  • i can't figure out what possible use this configuration would be! Any examples?

  • You only offer a Large with the admonition that the sizes run small. So that means you are REALLY only offering a virtual Medium size.

  • The description says " this keyboard can work with smart TVs". Which TV's will it work with?

  • I am curious, has ANYONE actually used one, no matter which color, and did they have any problems? Ya know, that is what really matters!

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