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  • By my reckoning, I have assembled, or trouble-shot for others, over 150 heathkits, from the electronic ignition kit to the electronic organ kit and most everything in between. I currently own a VTVM, Tube Tester, two Frequency Counters (one w/LED display and the other with NIXIE tubes for the display) and an amateur band receiver .

  • MANY years ago, we put together a 500 sensor array for monitoring temperatures, etc. in a turbine powered, electrical generator set, under test. It took multiple Hewlett Packard, HPIB bus multiplexers, at a cost of MANY thousands of dollars to get the results we needed. Using the Arduino ecosystem today, we could do the same thing for a fraction of the cost.

    All I can say to the SparkFun team is - Keep Innovating!

  • i can't figure out what possible use this configuration would be! Any examples?

  • You only offer a Large with the admonition that the sizes run small. So that means you are REALLY only offering a virtual Medium size.

  • The description says " this keyboard can work with smart TVs". Which TV's will it work with?

  • I am curious, has ANYONE actually used one, no matter which color, and did they have any problems? Ya know, that is what really matters!

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