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  • Just got a pack of these and they’re exactly what you’d expect for less than $3. the insulation seems thin and the clips feel cheap, but at least they stay closed. I picked up a pack from radio shack for a little more money but they feel MUCH nicer, and thus safer.

    EDIT: Upon further inspection, the alligator clips are actually not soldered to the wires on these. The copper wire is bent around the insulation and the clip is crimped around the whole thing. less than optimal connections that i would not trust.

  • I got mine today and hooked it up to a computer PSU, but i could only get

  • seconding the breakout board, with all the fixin’s. that way i can still use the controller for ps2 playing when its not controlling my robot.

  • is there a definitive answer here on whether or not these are safe to use? a lot of people are saying there needs to be a 5V to 3.3V level shifter.

  • so, this wont work with the 50W sparkfun soldering station?

  • on free day i got an lm315 instead of an lm7805. sometimes slip-ups are good =]

  • plleease try to get these back in stock. a pair of digital calipers would be really nice right about now, and these are the best i’ve seen for my money

  • they’re only 25V and thus not nearly enough for a railgun. you’d need around the order of 300 - 1000V

  • *burly

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