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  • Consistently getting:

    MP3 Testing Error: Card init Error: Volume ini Error: Opening root SCI_Mode (0x4800) = 0xFFFFFFFF SCI_Status (0x48) = 0xFFFFFFFF VS Version (VS1053 is 4) = 15 SCI_ClockF = 0xFFFFFFFF SCI_ClockF = 0xFFFFFFFF Failed to open track001.mp3 Failed to open track002.mp3 Failed to open track003.mp3 Whoa there cowboy!

    or error 1, if I use the below-mentioned SFEMP3SHIELD lib

    One of the reasons could be that I put the files on using a Mac, which does leave a bunch of trash on the volume (like .Trashes and such) but wouldn't I be able to pass the Card init test?

    Trying to narrow down my set of problems to ether bad connections or SD card formatting issues. Any advice?

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