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  • Thanks Nate, 4800 baud works well. I had a few teething problems with avrdude and finally found that I needed to get a copy of libusb0.dll and add it to the Win32 folder. After that it all worked as your upgrade firmware sheet said. Many thanks a great result for me. John W

  • My Openlog works well when connected via a FTDI Basic to Hyperterminal at 9600 baud. However I want to connect to TTL feeds at 4800 baud. Can anyone provide the firmware update that will (say) replace the currently available 2400 baud option with 4800 ? Thanks

  • I have just purchased the V2 and was very excited about it's prospects. However my preliminary testing is turning out to be frustrating. For testing I have connected my Garmin 2 plus to the UART0 connectors ('5' in fig 1 of the overview page)and I am connected using Gdn and RXI0. My Garmin is set to NMEA/NMEA 4800 Baud NMEA 0183 vers 2.0. I have set LOGCON.txt to Mode 0 and tried baud rates of 4800, 9600 and even 2400 and whilst the unit sets up the files and the LED's tell me they are buffering and downloading to the SD card, all I am getting is "gobblygook" in teh txt files. With a trigger of "$" I get no records at all in mode 1.
    I thought it was going to be a lot simpler than this. Can you please assist?

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