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  • Looks like this.

  • I have a slightly related request. Would it be possible to combine comments/reviews from different SKUs together when the products are essentially the same? For example, you sell those colored LED ring pushbutton switches, but they each have their own comments. Probably most of the comments for all the different colored switches could be combined. There have been times I've had to open tabs for each version of a product to read all the reviews. Thanks for all your hard work and continued innovation, both in your products and especially website design!

  • According to it ships with Debian.

  • The Dimensional Drawing posted is for the previous version with the CP2102.

  • "It’s really frustrating not knowing if your debug equipment is broken or if your design isn’t performing as expected."

    Sounds a lot like my university lab experiences.

  • 37g per cell. 37g * 3 cells = 111g, so pretty close.

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