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  • Yes, it will work. Do you have a propper female connector? It is really fun, to find a source. If you don’t have any, I can advice you, where to buy.

  • Hi,
    a new question. I was succesfull with connecting FP scanner to PC. I?m able to enroll, identify, delete fingerprints etc.
    Problem is, that I don?t have any voltage on SUCCESS or FAIL output leads after identification. I checked it on oscisloscope, but I found only some 200 mV noise, but nothing what can be called voltage impulse.
    Do somebody have a tip for me, please?

  • Hi everybody!
    I got this kit as my school project. I’m supposed to use serial communication for programming the scanner. So first step I must do, is to create a cable to connect the board with my PC. Could somebody advise me, what type of connector is the JP1 or JP3? I need to find and buy a male part for it. The field of connectors is very wide and I don’t know where to start seeking.

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