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Been working with computers for 15+ years. Been considering getting into electronics for some time. took the leap, dropped $250+ across various sites for everything i want to start tinkering, and learning Arduino.

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English, German

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x86 assembler, C++


Windows and Unix/Linux implementation and support. Learning amazingly complex things as i need them in an inhuman amount of time.


programming, computer hobbying, embedded electronics as of late, thats why i’m here!




only a poorly photocopied, single page, quite literally insane rant i like to hand out daily on the corner in front of my house. Nobody seems interested though…..

  • This is a really great kit. I used to play with electronics as a kid with the radio shack experimentation kits. I got out of it for a long time, and had gotten rid of everything. 17 or so years down the road, i got bit by the bug again.. I remember how long it took me to develop a good parts bin. A couple of these kits and various other bits from this site and i have most everything i need to pick up where i left off. After finding this site, I told my wife that its analogous to her massive collection of shoes.. Except i’ll use most of my “shoes” =)

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