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  • a couple of things:
    Don't use more than 3.3 volts to power your arduino if you are using Vin pin from the arduino to the El Escudo. it will kill your inverter, at least the one suggested in the el escudo user guide (ifw-3294). sparkfun forgot to mention that anywhere in user guide so I thought they knew something that I didn't. Anyway I concider it a design flaw. I think that since you can power an arduino with 5-12v that attaching a shield shouldn't kill some of the shield components. A voltage regulator on the El Escudo would solve it.
    2:) If you want to turn on more than one triac at a time, IE more that one EL wire at a time. I needed two at a time and this works well. You have to not use the El Escudo library and call the digital pins directly, the library's best use is as a reference for how to work with the El Escudo.
    void setup()
    byte pinNumber;
    // Set pins 0,1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12 as outputs
    for (pinNumber = 2; pinNumber < 11; pinNumber ++)
    pinMode(pinNumber, INPUT);
    void loop()
    pinMode(2, OUTPUT);
    digitalWrite(2, LOW);
    pinMode(6, OUTPUT);
    digitalWrite(6, LOW);
    pinMode(2, INPUT);
    pinMode(6, INPUT);

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