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  • Is this the NTSC or PAL model? the description mentions the "CM-32" but the datasheet refers to a "32-KM NTSC" or "32-KM PAL" ?

  • I made a 12 solenoid setup controlled via MIDI.. wasn't too hard in the end.. bonus is you can play out MIDI files... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_5wh0-A7SQ I think I've created a monster.. just wait until i've got some beer bottles tuned up and it gets musical!

  • I can't seem to find the main controller board product, the Displayduino on this site anymore?

  • Love the open sourceness to it all.. got the code up and running within 10 minutes using a 'Freetronics - Ethernet Shield With PoE' to test it. just need to build some probes.. agree it's pretty $$ for 1 plant, but maybe a xbee network will fix that..

  • Love it... How about some LDRs sensing the light output of an actual set of traffic lights and transmitting that to your costumes.
    When you walk past the intersection, you could sync up with the other (16 odd) sets of real lights! :)

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