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  • I love that pen catch! Very well done. Thank you for an awesome product post, good to see you keeping it fresh.

  • The tutorial button doesn't work...

  • Did you see their server bank? Did you see all of the disclaimers there would be a self inflicted DDoS? That's a horrible thing to say :-( Sparkfun just gave away $150k worth of stock!

  • You can't change the board shape, as there are many shields that rely on this shape. If size is an issue, sparkfun offers other arduinos that are much smaller.
    I agree they need to redesign the board though. Those screw holes are too close to other stuff. Perhaps they could use a smaller USB socket, but it's not a big deal.

  • A hot start is when the module has stored the location of satellites in memory. When powering back on it looks in these location for satellite data.
    This particular module has a built in backup power supply. AS long as you stop and start the module in the same place it should hot start.
    If you move a long way away from the 'turn off' position, then a warm or cold start may occur.

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